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This is the offical Yellow Face Productions {YF} forum, a place to talk, show your photoshop work, your custom maps and much more !
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PostSubject: cp_dev_grey   cp_dev_grey Icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 7:47 pm

Hey guys, a while ago, i started hammer at the same time as PsyCo.
I started a map called cp_dev_grey based mostly on vertical gameplay on towers, favoring a pyro and sniper gameplay.
This map using a few complex buildings, i have not finished it cuz i was too lazy, but PsyCo awesomely put up this forum for the team, and i am now motivated to finish the map. i'll keep you posted on it's advancement regularly, with a few screenshots. i hope you will enjoy it once it's done.
Continue the good gaming and keep the YF group active! Very Happy
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