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 mtt_ videos

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PostSubject: mtt_ videos   mtt_ videos Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 10:07 pm

I was re-wathing the mtt videos and i found a few things that wern't quite rigth! So i decided to make a post about it ^^

First of all this was a long time ago i noticed this, it is in the mtt_spy video when it first came out i saw that in the panel there was writen "leaked video" and as you all know this video had been leaked
3 days befor valvee had officialy released it. So this made me think of 2 options

- one that they had done a second version of the video and replaced what was there in the initial place by "leaked video"
- two that valve leaked this video on purpouse

Allso in this video the scout, just befor the soldier taps in the code (witch is btw the number of medals given out the players as speacial unlocks following the sniper vs spy update) pulls out
his buterfly knif but puts it away as soon as the heavy arrives, a hint that the scout was the red spy in the base.

When i watched the mtt_soldier in french, first of all i saw instead of "copyright lololol" there was "copyright mdrmdr" there was that allso on the mtt_scout and mtt_heavy but in mtt_sniper they have not bothered
to translate (all these versions i watch were in french). So to continu with the soldier vid, a lvl3 sentry gun magicly transformes itself into a lvl2 sentry gun as few seconds later! yes wired how did valve get that
so wrong -_-'

To finish off ,this is prob the most obvious thing in the mtt vids, the prediction of the new weapons to come in updates: the sandwitch and the mention of the force of nature (whats weird is he saise
"je sui une force de la nature" in the french version therso not giving the french name of the F.A.N) in the mtt_scout and the jarate in the mtt_sniper
There is allso in mtt_sniper the flat gun but that had long come out befor the video.

Thats about it for me, how about you notice anthing weird in the mtt videos ?
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mtt_ videos
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